On Our Way to the Woods

I love to travel — but I don’t think I am very good at it. On Wednesday morning we went to catch our flight only to find we’d gone to the wrong airport. Astoundingly I did this only two months before, on my trip to LA. Ah, well. After a terrifyingly high-speed shuttle ride down the Baltimore-Washington parkway, a flight to Dallas, TX, and several hours sleeping on the floor of the airport while on standby to catch our plane to Seattle, Kevin and finally made it. It was just some extra adventure– if everything goes well, then there’s no story.

The only truly stressful aspect of this was having to listen to CNN play in the airport lobby for all those hours. The coverage of the UCSB shooting has been so disturbing and tragic. When will we stop blaming mental illness for what this guy did? He was a completely sane misogynist.

This is why I am going to the woods.

But in the meantime, there was a lot of beauty to be had in Seattle.


There are heaps upon piles upon mounds of flowers at Pike’s Place Market. I wandered through it all eating a big, fat, juicy pear, oogling at the beauty and chaos.


I met some purple-haired kin. Twinsies! This girl was selling chocolate pasta. I had a sample– crunchy and delicious.IMG_0082People tossing fish, tourists snapping photos, produce, babies, fudge, plums, peonies and dogs. Pike Place is an amazing collage of people and activity. If you go there be sure to check out the gum wall, which is gross and delightful.


These adorable, strange creatures are a combination of cat and donut. They are the bold vision of MarninSaylor-– a couple/venture that creates “fantastic, covetable plush toys” and blogs about other entrepreneurs.



Get a piroshki at Piroshki Piroshki. Those things are unbelievably delicious and their cupboards have fantastic and strange paintings on them. Kevin here is really enjoying his salmon piroshki.


IMG_0111We hopped on the train and in no time were going up the coast of Puget Sound. We craned our necks and ran around the train in excitement, looking for the best vantage point. There were solitary cranes and shipwrecks and fishing boats and barnacles and old docks rotting away.

IMG_0141The feeling of getting on a train to go someplace new is perfect. You have enough time to actually see the scenery unfold and process the movement through space….


IMG_0151 IMG_0153

IMG_0133 IMG_0203

We watched the scenery change until we were in lush woods surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with bright blue streams tumbling beneath us. Little homesteads and abandoned trailers and tiny towns, and a random sign that just said “alpine”


kevtrain2We got to Wenatchee too late to get the shuttle out to Chelan (from there we’ll take a boat to Stehekin valley– it’s quite a trek). So we stayed and Wenatchee and are going to explore. We’re off to the town museum and an orchard walk. More soon! And lots of love.

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    Love this! Great description of Pike Place! Terrific observations – “Alpine” sign, the blurred trees – I agree, trains are sane! 🙂

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