Gulo gulo Industries Inc.

“FINE WARES FOR INTREPID WAYFARERS” ~ Handcrafted ceramic jewelry & figurines. Check out my Etsy !

I’m launching a little Etsy store to sell the various things I’ve been making, 1.) for the joy of making and giving art, and 2.) to support my love of pottery, which isn’t a cheap hobby.



I’ve been inspired by everything from the scenes I’ve seen traveling in the North Cascades, Washington and Ghana, to designs in Estonian and Nordic embroidery. I keep a journal everywhere I travel and leaf through it for ideas when I’m crafting.

To the right is my favorite thing I’ve made so far– I gifted it to my wonderful & talented cousin Malado Baldwin, who wears it very well.


Below is a me, wearing one of my creations last summer. I love everything I make, but am happier giving it away. And nothing makes me feel better than seeing someone I know own and enjoy something I’ve made. These items are all listed with ‘friend’ prices–holler if there’s anything you’d like, because in a couple days I’ll be putting these on Etsy.




(Above) A little carved collar. I think it evokes bat wings.

IMG_7476Not All Who Wander Are Lost pendant, (sold).


I absolutely love pine trees. Those rugged, geometric silhouettes, the way they catch the light. Pines make me think of places that are wild and cold and far. They crop up a lot in my charms.



Fearless charm, with pearls and iridescent stones


Chevron charm, sold (to a friend! yay!)


Above is one of my favorites– Rose & copper pendant. Ethiopian copper beads, iridescent white glass beads, hand painted charm on silk cord. Just sold! So happy to see this go to a lovely friend.





Far left, starflower charm

Middle left, geometrical collar piece


Mint creature– combination of minty blue glaze and white underglazes, food safe.


Bear candelabra

IMG_7549 I’m really fond of this one— it has a nice heft to it, and really interested smears and swoops in the glaze. The white marks around the middle are lace-like. Inside is melted glass. It’s all completely food safe.

Below are things I’ve made and sold– if anyone expressed interest I’d make more. I love the idea of making things specifically for people.












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